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Origin Dordogne, France | BIO AB organic label

Variety : Franquette | Extra White Quality



Bag of kernels, Franquette variety. The walnuts have been cultivated, opened, sorted and packaged in Dordogne. The kernels have been sorted to keep only the best ones: the extra-white kernels.


The Franquette is known for its taste qualities.

- Flavour: fresh nuts and pine kernels with just a hint of roasted nuts

- Taste: balanced, with just slightly bitter and sweet taste



100% French product .



Price before promotion: 6.50 / unit

Price per kilogram before promotion: € 38.24 / kg


  • The airtight bags are sent in an envelope. For the purchase of several products, everything is sent in a biodegradable and recyclable grouping box made from wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC label).

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