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Walnut oil has been part of the French gastronomical tradition for centuries. 
From the 13th Century onward its popularity continued to grow notably from Limousin to the Pyrénées passing through regions like Charentes, Périgord and Quercy. Up to the 19th Century walnut oil was used throughout the South West as an alternative to butter in the North and olive oil in the Mediterranean. It was at this time that a series of extreme winters decimated France’s walnut trees and transformed walnut oil into a product which is both rare and sought after. Walnut oil is used as a seasoning and is a subtle accompaniment for warm and cold dishes adding the nutritional quality of walnuts and their flavour.

Bocerno’s virgin walnut oil is made with superior ‘extra white’ walnuts organically grown in the French Périgord region.


So you can enjoy simple and pure flavour, our cold pressed oils are single-varietal, allowing each walnut variety to give off its special taste and gustatory qualities.

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Appearance of kernels

Long and elliptical with moderate contours- a golden white with veins


Fresh nuts and pine kernels with just a hint of roasted nuts



Balanced : with just slightly bitter and sweet taste


Originally from the Dordogne
AOP ‘Noix du Périgord’




Omega 3


Ellagic acid melatonin and Vitamin E

Polyunsaturated fatty acids and in particular Omega 3 are considered to be beneficial for the heart thanks to their positive impact on blood lipids. Walnut kernels have the ideal proportion of fatty acids Omega 3, (compared with fatty acids Omega 6), to have in our food. Nut oil aids the elasticity of blood vessels, is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Nuts have more natural antioxidants than any other vegetable matter. Consuming antioxidants helps reduce the damage caused by free radicals in the body. They help fighting against the aging of the skin and other aliments linked to age link cataracts, diabetes, kidney problems, Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease. These qualities of nuts are all present in their oil.

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